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Hey buddy. I’m Kevin. You know how the big bankers who fucked our economy trade in the stock market & make a ton of money?

I’m similar. Except my market is the FUT market. And I’m a FUT multi-millionaire

In a sec, I’m gonna show you my team. I used a trading bot that made me assemble an incredible Ultimate Team. I guess it’s like trading stocks in the real world. And, just like in the real world, I can make millions of Gold Coins every month through using trading secrets that most guys don’t know.

I used to spend loads of real money on getting packs and hoping that I’d get incredible players. But I got pissed off at spending a fortune and have nothing close to the best team. So I decided to treat FUT like the real stock market. To buy players low and sell them high.

I’ll be honest, at first I was shit at it. I couldn’t pick winners. But eventually I found the best way to do it. And this team is the result…


I have so much money from FUT that I actually sell my gold coins in real life. As you can see, my team doesn’t need much improving. But it wasn’t always like this…

I needed help to get the best team. I wanna say that I learned how to trade to win a lot of matches. But the truth is, I was on eBay (trying to buy coins) and I saw that someone sold 10million for £800 (about €925)… I thought, ‘Holy fuck! How did he get so many?!

Then, ‘That’s a lot of real money for having fun playing FIFA. I want some of that!

And then, ‘I’m gonna destroy my buddies online if I figure this out!‘ And we all know there ain’t nothing more satisfying than beating your friends!

So I found the trading system that turned my FUT team around. And, since I started using it on FIFA 12 I’ve made over £1,000 selling gold coins. (It’s been updated for FIFA 13.)

Thing is, this is a simple automated system. A system anyone can use

But most people are stuck in a cycle that EA love. Buying packs and hoping for the best players! I used to be like that too. But when you learn how to trade, buying packs becomes the most stupid thing in the world.

I now know how to spot players that are underpriced. I snap ‘em up and then sell them at a big profit. That’s what trading’s all about. Buying low, selling high. And doing lots of it.

Then, when you have enough, getting Messis and Ronaldos and smashing up all your friends! :)

I used to think that Americans don’t know anything about FUT. But the guy who showed me how to trade and make a killing in the FIFA Ultimate Team marketplace is an American. His name is Mike Miranda…

Mike helped me out so much, I sent him the screenshot of my team. Anyone who looks will see it’s the first he shows on his site. (I’m prob’ly his most successful student.)

This ain’t for guys who enjoy blowing real money on packages.

This is for guys who are smart enough to figure out how to make millions in gold coins. And guys who wanna profit in real life from playing FUT

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